Onda Evolution Bathtub

Onda Evolution Bathtub

The bathtub that grows with baby!

Equipped with an easy to read crystal thermometer and maximum water level indicator, the Onda Evolution gives parents the confidence they need to make sure baby is safe in the bath. Slip-free rubber has been built into the tub in order to keep baby in the perfect position for bathing. An easy to use plug provides quick and efficient water drainage, letting parents focus on what’s most important – the health and safety of their little one. With the Onda Evolution, bath time has never been more fun.

Made in Italy

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Onda Evolution at a Glance:

Double Position Seat From birth - 6 months and 6 months - 1 year
Ergonomic Design Modern and ergonomic design looks great and performs even better
Comfort The seat features three resting points: two at the armpits and one between the legs
Slip-Free Thanks to the co-injection process the rubber and the polypropylene form one single piece, creating a slip-free rubber seat
Plug Intuitively designed, it quickly and effectively drains the water from the tub once bath time is over
Thermometer Includes a built-in micro-encapsulated liquid crystal thermometer and maximum water level indicator
Two-Year Warranty Includes warranty that covers the period of two years from purchase date.
Made in Italy All Peg Perego bath items are made in Italy.
Specification Value
Length 21.26"
Width 11.02"
Height 37"

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