A (G)ray of Sunshine to Brighten Your Day

We can’t get enough of the color of the moment! We love gray so much, in fact, that we were inspired to write a little poem about it:

Gray, gray, never go away,
Come again most every day.

Alright, alright, we’ll keep our day job as baby-gear designers! Kidding aside, it’s hard not to notice the gray trend being spotted everywhere from runways to baby rooms. It’s such a beautifully understated and sophisticated color that succeeds at making everything it’s paired with look chic.

This perfectly polished classic is given a fresh twist in our recently debuted Atmosphere fabric. Part of our Soft Fabric Collection, Atmosphere combines two fabrics to create a luxe, upscale look — a deep-gray techno jersey woven from Italian-dyed yarns contrasts with a light charcoal fabric for a modern colorblock effect.

Our popular Pois Grey (gray with an “e,” thanks to our Italian heritage) combines the best of both worlds: two shades of rich charcoal with the whimsy and charm of oversized polka-dots. Made exclusively for Peg Perego by Taiana, a historic mill in Italy’s Lake Como region, this standout fabric has a sophisticated matte finish that lends urban flavor. It’s the ultimate gender-neutral color, too, making it a popular choice for hands-on dads.

If you like gray as much as we do and think Pois Grey is molto perfetto, take a look at the Book, Book Plus, Switch Four, Pliko Four, Primo Viaggio and our Borsa baby bag. Love Atmosphere? You’ll find it on Primo Viaggio, Convertible and Book Pop-Up.  

Because gray is very much on our color radar and a trend that’s here to stay, we also feature it as an accent color in many of our fabric styles. To find your perfect gray combo, shop by fabric using the pull-down menu on the Baby tab at PegPeregoUSA.com. Gear up for gray days ahead!

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