A Touch of Elegance

Our new Circles Collection offers a classy and elegant look!

This week, we’re talking about our three new Circles Collection fabrics: Circles Grey, Circles Blue and Circles Choco. These premium upholsteries can be found on our popular Primo Viaggio 4-35 and Book Pop-Up products. So what makes these new fabrics so appealing? Find out below!

Circles Grey

Step into style with cool grey hues! Dark and light graphite color tones take a new turn in Circles Grey, where the pattern is subtle and impeccable. Soft jersey technosilk provides comfort while printed mélange effect fabric adds a classic look in a modern way.

Circles Blue

Featuring a graphic print with an arty mood, Circles Blue adds impact to your lifestyle. Classic navy takes an updated fresh look in this luxurious combination of indigo and ink blue. Soft jersey technosilk and printed melange effect fabrics combine well to give a polished look.

Circles Choco

Escape from the ordinary with Circles Choco’s soft earthy browns hues. Large scale circle print creates a stylish look that will capture the eye. Soft jersey technosilk and mélange effect fabric blend well in a great combination of function and fashion.

Want to know where to buy the Circles Collection? Contact your local boutique baby gear shop, or email us!

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