Baby, Let’s Barbeque!


Nothing says “summer starts now” like a backyard BBQ on Memorial Day. With the weather warming up and the weekend stretched to three glorious days, it’s natural to want to spend quality time with your favorite peeps and overdo it on the food and fun.

With festivities moved out to the patio, baby just isn’t going to tolerate being sequestered indoors. But, with the obvious dangers of a hot grill and boundary-free roaming, we have a Peg Perego–style solution for keeping baby safe and still part of the action. Rialto to the rescue!

Easy to open, close and carry everywhere, the Rialto booster seat was designed for outings and families on the go. With five height adjustments, and both table and chair compatibility, it comfortably accommodates little ones 9 months and up. Babies love bellying up to the grown-up table, and toddlers beam with pride in their grown-up chairs.

Rialto’s ergonomic design is ultramodern and its Prima Classe material is a cinch to wipe clean. A three-point safety harness holds baby secure, and safety straps secure Rialto to a dining chair.

Big post-BBQ cleanup? Easily detach Rialto’s folding tray and stick it in the dishwasher for a thorough scrubdown. Then fold it, stash it in its matching carrying bag, and store it out of the way until your next outdoor (or indoor) adventure.

Have a safe, sunny and superyummy Memorial Day!

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