Important Safety Message Regarding Older Model Venezia and Pliko P3 Strollers

At Peg Perego, your child’s safety is our top priority. That’s why today we want to share with you some important information about a voluntary recall involving some of our older model Venezia and Pliko P3 strollers.

This voluntary recall only involves Venezia and Pliko P3 models that were manufactured from January 2004 through September 2007. Only these models manufactured and sold in the United States are subject to the recall.

With the affected models there is the potential risk of entrapment and strangulation to small children, especially to infants younger than 12 months of age who are not properly secured in the stroller’s harness and left unattended. All Peg Perego strollers, even those mentioned in this safety notice, are equipped with a safety harness that should be properly used at all times to avoid risk of entrapment and strangulation.

This voluntary recall is in response to two separate incidents in which a child became trapped between the stroller seat and stroller tray, resulting in one death in 2004. Peg Perego was not notified at the time of this incident, but only many years later.

The stroller models that have been voluntarily recalled were manufactured prior to the existence of a January 2008 voluntary industry standard that addresses the height of the opening between the stroller’s tray and seat bottom. This voluntary standard requires larger stroller openings that prevent infant entrapment and strangulation hazards. All Peg Perego strollers manufactured after 2007 meet these new requirements.

Once again, this recall involves only late model Venezia and Pliko P3 strollers that were manufactured from January 2004 through September 2007.

Consumers can check the child tray on their Pliko P3 or Venezia. Only strollers that have a child tray with one cup holder are part of this recall. Strollers with a bumper bar or a tray with two cup holders are not included in this recall. Also, the stroller’s manufacture date can be found on a white label on the back of the Pliko P3 stroller seat and on the Venezia stroller footboard.

To find out if your model is affected, please click here.

If you own a stroller that is affected by this voluntary recall, there is no need to return your product. Peg Perego will provide a repair kit containing an additional passive containment bib free of charge upon request.

To order a repair kit, click here. You can also call 1.888.734.6020 or send an email to

As a final note, please remember when using a stroller, always properly secure children by using the safety harness and never leave them unattended.

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