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Twins, triplets, quads or more…with Peg Perego your babies can grow together in comfort and love.


A double dose of the Tatamia

These two little guys are enjoying all of the benefits of the Tatamia: a high chair, recliner and working swing…With two small dudes to feed, mom will be glad to have the Tatamia on her side.


Three is company in the Triplette

As the saying goes, “Good things come in threes,” and according to this picture, we could not agree more! Luckily, our aptly named Triplette stroller is here to handle the job of mobilizing these too-cute triplets.


Four for fun with the 4-35

Having twins can be an adventure. Multiply that by two and you have this sweet family with quadruplets that are in for the ride of their lives! The Primo Viaggio 4-35 car seat is there to help them keep baby safe (and stylish) while on their journey.

Whether you have one child, or many, Peg Perego is here to make everyday life with baby easier, comfortable and more stylish.

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