Tips for Teething

Brought to you by the Peg Perego social media community

Last Friday, we asked via our weekly #PegTalk question, about tips you have for a teething baby. We decided to compile some of them together and place them in one post for future reference. Obviously, what works for some, may not work for others, but here are a few methods that will (hopefully) help give relief to your little.

Baltic Amber necklaces have been a life saver!” was the sentiment from @cosplayjunky and echoed from a few others as well.

“I make frozen yogurt on spoons and my baby loves it! It's a great snack and soothes her, win win.” from Wendy Jabkowski, which sounds quite yummy if you ask us.

“Freeze a clean washcloth and let the baby suck on it. Make sure to put a bib on them first. Also, if breast-feeding, you can make little popsicles with your milk for them, healthy and soothing. Always supervise your child while using these methods.” According to @poetic_brandi and others, a frozen washcloth works quite well for little one.

“Cold or frozen fruit in a baby mesh feeder, Sophie the giraffe is great and rubber rings or mini possibles. They also sell fabric toy teething dolls (under the Nile sells some).”  lots of great advice from Diana Cote.

“I made my own clove oil, cloves mixed with olive oil. Check out wiki how to make clove oil and then when done rub on gums.”  A tip from @lorrainefoggia we were unfamiliar with, but interested in trying.

Munch Mitt!!!!” simply put from @houseofmouse55.

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