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Toy Product FAQ

Do I have a warranty? How long is it for?
​​All Peg Perego product are covered under warranty.

For Children's Riding Vehicles, we also offer a 2 year warranty, but consumer participation is required.
Click here for more information - Toy Safety & Warranty »

How much ride time should my battery operated toy get?
Depending on the weight of the child/children and the terrain of the ground, anywhere from 1-3 hours is normal. We recommend keeping a spare battery on hand for extra ride time.

How long do I charge my battery?
When you first get your battery you must give it an initial charge of 18-24 hours. After the toy has been ridden for the day or if it's getting slow and sluggish, you always want to charge it for 18-24 hours. If the toy is not in use, charge the battery 18-24 hours once a month, to keep it good.

What do I do if I have a problem with my product that I can’t solve myself?
You can call our customer service department at 1-800-728-2108 (Español 1-800-225-1558). Customer service hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 5:00pm Eastern time.

Do I need to send in my warranty card?
Yes. Your warranty card registers your product for warranty, and if we would happen to have a recall on your product that is how we would notify you.

If I bought my product in another country can I buy spare parts or get service from the USA?
Yes, on selected products.  All countries have different standards they need to meet; however our parts will at times interchange with other countries.  It’s best to contact customer service at 1-800-728-2108 (Español 1-800-225-1558) to make this determination.

Can I buy directly from your company?
Peg Perego USA, Inc.  does sell certain items directly to the consumer; some items will not be available through our website and you will have to go to an authorized retailer to purchase that product.


Where can I buy spare parts for my product?
Select spare parts are available for sale on our website www.pegperego.com.  For a complete list of parts, contact our customer service department at1-800-728-2108 (Español 1-800-225-1558) for parts.