Viaggio Flex 120


4D Total Adjust Technology

The headrest, the backrest, the side protections, and the seat are adjusted in different positions, all independent of each other.

Integrated Rigid LATCH

Integrated rigid LATCH allows for easy installation and stability. The rigid LATCH can also tuck into the seat when it is not in use.

Blind Lock Attaching System

Prevents the Viaggio Flex 120 from being accidentally released by another passenger.

The Fold

The backrest of the Viaggio Flex 120 can fold down onto itself when not in use, even while attached via rigid LATCH.

Comfort Recline

The reclining seat can be set in five different positions, regardless of the postion of the car’s backrest, so that children can be perfectly relaxed -- even on long journeys.

Adjustable Side Impact Protection (ASIP)

It reduces the forces acting on the child's neck and head in the event of a side impact. Maximum safety at each stage of the child's growth.

Kinetic Pods

They protect the child by removing impact forces in the event of a side impact.


Reinforced aluminum back

The Seat

Soft and anatomically-shaped with expanded foam cover, which ensures optimal comfort.

Cup Holders

Two practical cup holders fold into the base of the car seat.


Data Sheet
Size of unfolded item 22" x 17.25" x 26.75"
Size of folded item 23.5" x 17.25" x 9.75"
Weight 14 lbs.